Life is a talking drum, as it faces you in one direction; it faces another in the opposite direction.

Do these describe what you are passing through presently?

  • Experiencing a life of regret?
  • Having a feeling that life has nothing to offer you again?
  • Suicide thoughts coming to your mind?
  • Lost hope of becoming successful in life?
  • Having a feeling of failure and rejection?
  • No excitement for anything again?
  • At the verge of inflicting self-injury upon yourself because things are not going as planned?


In this book, you will discover:

  • How to avoid a lifetime of regret
  • What it means to be free from depression
  • How to stay above depression
  • True definition of success
  • How to enjoy true happiness in life
  • How to come out of depression
  • How to leverage on your depression experience to climb the ladder of success in life
  • The key to unlock your freedom from depression
  • How to free your mind from those limiting thoughts in life
  • How to stay positive even in the face of daunting situation





Grace is a seasoned professional, a chartered insurer, a transformational leader, a life coach and a successful entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Bimbol Consultancy Services.

When she started out in life, she had her dreams and aspirations to attain the peak in engineering career. After graduation she was hit with unrealized expectations. Ten years after graduation, she could not secure employment in engineering industry. She had to diversify into insurance industry. This was not a pleasant decision for her at that time. Fast forward today, she has become an authority in the insurance industry.

She has experienced what it means to have hopes dashed, expectations unrealized, sense of failure and rejection. She has been through depression. She knows exactly what it is. This is why she is in position to share her experience with you.

She is enthusiastic about the lessonsshe learnt from her experience, that is why she took it upon herself to share her story in this book for as many who might be passing through similar experience, or who knows anyone in such frame of mind.

She knows too well that anyone who orders for this book and apply the lessons from her story would have saved himself/herself from the cost of being a victim of depression.

The benefits you will enjoy from this book are inestimable.

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Hear what people have said about this book:

This rare, peculiar, and dire need publication is a “timely rescue” from the on-going silent killer called DEPRESSION.

The seriousness and professionalism with which the solution packed book is written and laid out make its reading pleasure with ease of recall. I advise everyone to make the book a life companion.

RotimiOladele, PhD
Associate professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
Immediate past President of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations
Regional-delegate- at-large for Africa on the Board of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

The book is apt, timely, educative, and relevant to present situations of what many are going through in our contemporary world. Reading it will be a genuine antidote, transformational, and be like a preventive medicine to help in restoring lives, businesses, and homes. Therefore, I am deeply convinced that this work has relevance to all because it offers valuable insight on issues of life. In total, this book is a veritable tool in the hands of both young and old people all over the world. The work is endorsed for all people in different facets of life. 

The Rt. Rev’d Cornelius O. Adagbada, Ph.D. (Ibadan)
Bishop of Oke Ogun Anglican Diocese
Bishops Court, Apinnite
Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria