The purpose of this blog

by graceojo

Depression has always been a salient battle in the life of many. At one time or another, we experience a form of depression. “Everyone knows where the shoe pinches him”, however, “not everyone knows why shoe pinches him”. Most importantly, many people do not know “how to stop the pinch”, hence, the reason for increasing cases of depression and suicide attempts.

Every time we are faced with a daunting situation in life, there are two options to choose from. We either resign to fate, accept defeat and allow depression to set in, or we rise to address the situation and come out victoriously. This usually brings fulfillment.

Your ability or inability to stay above the curve will either make or mar you.

Grace Ojo Blog is created for the following reasons:

  1. To beam light upon beclouded minds
  2. To hold everyone by hand as a “guiding light” leading you out of a perplexed state of mind
  3. To build a mentally and emotionally healthy community.

A lot of times, despicable actions committed by some people could have been avoided if they had been well guided.

Please feel free to share your harrowing experience on this platform anonymously for appropriate and adequate free counseling.

You may also wish to book a live session with ma’am Grace at a fee.

Thank you for your time.

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